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The Pine Trees of Washington State

Pine trees are members of the Pinaceae family and Pinus genus. Over 100 different species of pine trees can be found throughout North America, Central America, South America and Canada, as well as Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia.

How to Repot your House Plants

As house plants grow, they should be moved into larger pots. Failure to do so will result in the plant becoming “pot-bound,” where its development becomes restricted. This will ultimately hinder the growth of the plant and become wholly detrimental to its overall wellbeing. As the rule goes, if a plant is flourishing, it is happy in its pot. However, if it looks unhealthy and/or restricted by the space it inhabits, then it is probably suffering and this situation must be rectified swiftly. It is sensible to repot a plant at the start of an active growth period, typically in springtime.

How to Design a Small Front Garden

As the prices of real properties skyrocket, most people can no longer afford to own houses with wide front lawns. A few meters of extra space around the perimeter or sometimes even just at the front and back of the house are what most new homeowners could afford now. This may be sad especially if you planned to have a huge sprawling garden, but even with limited space, you can still have a beautiful front garden design by planting the right plants at the right locations.

A Closer Look on Tree Service Concerns

Storm cleanup is often when people crank up their first chainsaw and often times, they hurt themselves. Storms may cause limbs or entire trees to fall, often landing on other trees, homes and other structures, or cars. One reason trees fail is weak branch unions. Homeowner can educate themselves about tree limbs, but depending on the situation they shall call an arborist if they are worried and not quite sure about it.

Tree Service in Landscaping

Landscaping is both an art as much as a craft with the goal of transforming an area of land into a beautiful environment. An expert landscaper employs keen observation on the lay of the land. He takes into consideration the natural features of the site such as terrain, soil quality, water and climate.

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