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Who Should I Report Damaged Street Furniture To?

It is important to members of the community that their council is doing their bit in maintaining the quality and appearance of their neighbourhood, and there are a series of initiatives to ensure that the street furniture lining our roads and presented in our parks is kept in excellent condition and provides maximum safety. But what steps do you take to report damage inflicted the furniture we see every day on our streets?

Purchasing Patio Furniture That Suits You

When it comes to the purchase of patio furniture, consider the size of space that you have to fill. Your purpose for wanting the items makes a difference, as does the weather and who will be using the items.

Why Correct Land Drainage Is a Necessity

Most property owners, until there is a flooding problem, don’t even think about proper yard drainage. Water by nature will always flow to a lower elevation by the path of least resistance. Because of this fact, problems will occur when the original flow directions are blocked by new construction or were insufficient to begin with.

City Garden Design Tips

Nothing brings peace to people’s lives more like a city garden, which offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They are also some of the most challenging spaces to design, due mostly to the extreme conditions that can be found in city gardens, ranging from small shaded backyards to the mountain-top like conditions of a sunny roof garden. Here are a few tips to help make city gardening more enjoyable:

Beautiful Garden, But What About the Fence?

Garden fencing isn’t just about fence panels and fence posts. A personal touch to your fencing is ideal to ensure the fencing is not dull and unattractive, but more so improves the appearance of your home.

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