Square Foot Bucket Garden. Bring on the Reserves.

Relax Outdoors With Patio Blinds

Everybody loves the outdoors. This is very evident as lots of people would spend lots of money just to be able to go to swimming pool or beach resorts, hiking or camping in the woods or have picnics with the entire family.

Trim Trees to Avoid Squirrel Issues

Squirrels can cause quite a bit of damage to your property and your home. Keeping your trees trimmed in the right way can really help to keep your squirrel damage at a minimum by reducing the amount of limbs that they can travel across.

Incorporating Water Efficiency With Landscape Design

To have a water efficient landscape design, you must choose your plants carefully. You must group them according to their water needs. It is also important to consider the climate and soil in your area.

Online Garden Planning Tool and Corinthian Bells Chimes

Planning your garden’s look and feel used to be a tedious process-you probably worked on re-landscaping or re-arranging your garden without any solid plan whatsoever. Most people do something like that regularly-they just look at what they have and proceed by relying on gut instinct. The result, however, is often what you may expect with gut instinct-no logical redirection of the viewer’s attention or no smart usage of every inch of garden space.

Pine Beetles

If you live in the southeast and have trees in your backyard, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for signs of pine beetle infestations. With populations of pine beetles becoming increasingly out of control, trees are very susceptible to their fatal invasions.

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