Spring has Sprung in my North Texas Vegetable Garden – Update March 2018

Create A Backyard Oasis With Pool Landscaping

Do you want your backyard swimming pool to stand out? Here are some interesting landscaping ideas for above ground and inground pool owners.

Landscape Design – Using Garden Art

Including art in your garden design can be loads of fun and bring a unique quality to your outdoor spaces. Whether your selections are flamboyant or subtle, a small decorative piece or a major work, artwork of any kind in your garden can create a major point of interest for visitors and an ongoing source of inspiration for you.

Deck Your Home In A New Outfit – Add Some Spice To Your Otherwise Boring Home Exteriors

Your home is not a mere four-walled construction to live in. It represents your character and standard of living. So, pay heed to your home’s outhouse area as well.

Making a Lean To Shed – Key Points To Pay Attention To During Construction

Making a lean to shed is ideal for those who desire some extra storage space but faces limitations on available land area to build an independent structure. The project requires minimal expertise and a set of amateur carpentry skills as a lean to shed is generally considered to be a basic expansion project. Another incentive is that the costs associated with constructing one is comparatively lesser to that of a full-sized storage shed. Ensure that you have conducted elaborated evaluations and measurements to determine that a completed shed will satisfy your requirements.

Shed Building Blueprints – Designing Your Own Shed Construction Schematics

When building any type of structure it is always good to have blueprints on hand, especially for smaller structures such as shed building blueprints. Having the layout in front of you, makes it easier to understand the task.

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