Soil pH Testing my soil test meter ‘Testing the Tester’.

Solar Lights Trouble Shooting Tips

Solar lights make a great addition to your landscape for illuminating walkways, pathways or around your borders of you garden or practically anywhere. They require no wiring our electricity, making them easy to install and maintain. Overtime the outdoor elements can cause the solar lights to malfunction and not work properly, below is a few basic trouble shooting tips to get your lights back up and running properly.

How to Choose the Right Tree Service to Suit Your Needs

Finding some tree service providers can be easy but choosing the right one can be quite hard especially if you have thousands of providers in your area alone. More and more people are trying to start a tree service business and it’s getting hard finding someone you can rely on. Here are some things to help you choose the right provider.

How to Find a Fence Contractor

Most home owners would have a hard time finding a fence contractor. There are a lot of things you need to consider before hiring one. Some of the most common concerns are, are if the contractor is licensed, are they able to provide quality work, and are they affordable and do they really need to hire one?

Selection Of The Right Paving Stones

Paving is nothing but the art of covering or laying a walkway or a road with the help of different items like tiles, bricks, stones, concrete, etc… Paving bricks are therefore those that are used for creation of pathways and driveways in a house or office or an apartment.

Backyard Fire Pits – Now That’s Outdoor Entertaining

Let’s face it – you’re a man. You’re laid back and low maintenance. Around the house, you’re happy to concede the decor of the bathrooms, living room and bedroom to your better half. There are only three aspects of the house that you want your hands on…

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