Self Isolating, time on your hands Plant some potatoes in buckets.

I Want You To Start Your Own “Plant Company!”

Why not? It is truly the cutting edge of the environmental movement. Don’t you see plants everywhere? House plants, office plants, landscaping around your home, in and around office buildings, atriums, terrariums, cactus gardens, vertical walls in office building lobbies, and company lobbies. Roof gardens, vertical gardens on buildings, aquatic plants, reforestations, orchards, farming, permaculture, and on and on. Imagine planting vertical gardens on the exterior walls of buildings, that are really a living painting – organic art! These vertical gardens can be planted with ornamentals (for looks), or they can be planted with fruit bearing plants and vegetables. Interior plantscaping, and exterior landscaping are the most “green” jobs you could do!

Water Feature and Landscape

Incorporating a water feature in your landscape may sound a bit too extravagant. Nevertheless, at the same time just imagine yourself relaxing in your lawn with that soothing sound of a waterfall or pond. A pond or a waterfall in your yard can bring exclusivity to your landscaped yard if it is not so big enough to have a swimming pool.

Awnings And Their Benefits

Awnings provide a great way of protecting your outdoor spaces, patios, decks & backyard. They shield you from harmful rays of the sun & rain while adding a certain amount of elegance & beauty to the space. Available in a riot of colors & materials there are innumerable type of awnings to suit everyone’s budget.

The Benefits Of Custom Made Sheds

If you are considering an outdoor shed for your home, you must have visited your local store and seen the range of ready-made sheds available in the market today. The choices are so diverse that it becomes absolutely difficult to figure out the right option for your home. Since those sheds are already built, there is very little flexibility and you do not have any option to customize it to meet your requirements.

Full Lawn Maintenance

There’s a common misconception that maintaining a perfect lawn requires huge amounts of time. It’s true that growing an attractive lawn requires some effort, but relatively little maintenance is required to keep it in top condition. Here are some easy lawn care tips for the beginner gardener.

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