North Texas Vegetable Garden Update – 5 Inches of Rain in 15 Hours

Outdoor Fireplaces: How to Design Your Outdoor Fireplace For Superior Performance

There is nothing better than sitting in front of an outdoor fireplace and enjoying the warmth and glow that radiates from the hearth on a cool autumn night as you roast marshmallows with the kids or enjoy some cocktails with family and friends as you entertain in your backyard paradise. If you enjoy spending your time outdoors entertaining, then an outdoor fireplace is the perfect investment to add to your backyard patio. Fire-pits are nice but you are constantly moving your chair around the fire in an attempt to avoid the smoke blowing in your face.

What Is Natural Landscaping?

A natural landscape, by definition, is typically a landscape that is unaffected by human intervention, regulated by nature, and free of interruption from human beings. A natural landscape is able to move and change on its own without that interruption and intervention.

Natural Landscaping Ideas

The best part of natural landscaping is that it requires little maintenance. Mother Nature knew exactly what she was doing when she created natural landscaping.

Clipper Herbicide Vs Fluridone to Combat Lake and Pond Weeds

Very few herbicides have the ability to eradicate nuisance duckweed and watermeal infesting lakes and ponds worldwide. Two prominent leaders that have that ability are Clipper Herbicide and products containing Fluridone. Lets see how Clipper compares to Fluridone and what benefit each herbicide has to offer.

Advantages Of Xeriscaping In Dry Climates

When you live in a dry climate like many Southern areas have, it is important to think outside of the box when it comes to landscaping. Xeriscaping is a great option that uses native plants and minimal water. It can involve making beautiful patterns out of stones or native flowers and has a variety of benefits.

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