North Texas Vegetable Garden Spring April Update – High Winds and Freeze Damage

Soil Preparation for Gardens and Lawns

Learn all that you need about soil preparation for your garden and lawn to create a beautiful and green backyard. Use these organic techniques to keep your garden and lawn natural.

3 Reasons Bluestone Is A Great Option For Your Patio

There are many options when designing a patio. Bluestone is great option because of it’s durability, versatility, and Overall Composition. Learn why this could be a great option for you.

Garden PH – Acid And Alkaline Soil Explained

Understanding Acid And Alkaline Soil The pH scale (from 1 to 14) is defined in very scientific terms as “the negative logarithm of the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution” – in gardening and landscaping terms, the measure of acidity or alkalinity in soil. A measure of “1” on the scale indicates an acid strong enough to dissolve anything it comes in contact with; one of “14” an alkali of similar destructive power; “7” is perfectly neutral.

How to Create a Sustainable Landscape

Sustainability is a big buzz word these days. What is sustainability and how can I apply it to my own home landscape?

Crafting a Cattle Shed – Instructions For Constructing A Shed Easily

Though cattle are considered to be sturdy animals, crafting a cattle shed is always a better option for keeping cattle and their food. One can hire craftsman to assemble large sheds but a simple shed for up to ten cattle can easily be a do-it-yourself job.

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