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How to Handle Your First Meeting With a Landscape Professional

The type of landscape professional you need depends on the kind of project you have.  Many will offer a “free estimate”.

How to Establish a Budget When Working With a Landscape Designer or Contractor

When a homeowner knows they need a landscape plan drawn up for their yard, they will engage perhaps a fee based landscape designer. Any professional designer/contractor will usually ask the homeowner for a budget or perhaps a range. Establishing a budget before you are educated as to how much things costs may be difficult at first, but most homeowners use the industry standard of offering the “free estimate” to get an idea of costs.

Top 5 Landscaping Mistakes Homeowners Can Avoid

Over the many years I have been a professional designer and landscape contractor, I have seen patterns of behaviors, misunderstandings and a general  lack of how the landscape industry works from a homeowner’s perspective. Here are five top landscaping mistakes homeowners make and how you can avoid them.

Benefits of the Design Build Approach to Landscaping

I realized early on in my career that clients really ultimately want the built finished landscape – not to put a colored rendering on the wall only to remain a vision of some future project.  That is why I promote the benefits of the design build approach to landscaping with all my clients.

Four Advantages Of Tabletop Fountains

Fountains are decorative pieces we typically see in squares and extravagant mansions. But today, these are not just ornaments exclusive to the rich and famous. For less than a hundred dollars, you can secure tabletop fountains for your home to add some elegance and a relaxing ambiance to your home. A tabletop fountain comes in a variety of styles so you do not have to worry about finding one that matches your home interiors. And if you have the right contact, you can actually have them customized so they meet your needs exactly.

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