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Snow Blower Safety Tips – How to Store a Snow Blower Safely

The environment where the snow blower is going to be used starts with the place where the snow blower is likely to be stored. This means very simply that the snow blower should not be started indoors. It is a bad idea to start and run an engine of any type in a confined space, and this applies especially to snow blowers.

Have Your Lawn the Look You Want It to Be

Does your lawn always look bad despite all of your efforts and best intentions? Don’t worry, you’re not alone in having that sort of problem. Lawn care isn’t rocket science, but some people seem to be destined to have a hard time with it. If you feel like you’re wasting your time and effort in trying to go and straighten out your lawn, then your first move is to discover first why it looks so bad. Here are some of the more common reasons why your lawn might not look the way you want it to:

Why Grow a Hedge?

Hedges make a great addition to any garden scene, and have been one of the constants among gardeners, farmers and landscapers for many years. They’ve come a long way in terms of cultivation, although the theories behind them have existed for a long time. Prior to the adoption of farming, dead, thorn-heavy plants were held together in a line to serve as protective barriers around an encampment.

Snow Blower Safety Tips – What Are the Dangers to Look Out For?

Gravel can be one of the biggest dangers at a practical level when using a snow blower. Electric snow blowers and single stage gas snow blowers are not designed to deal effectively with gravel, and if either of these machines comes into contact with gravel is likely to throw it up through the chute and possibly hit or injure the operative or anywhere else standing close by. If you know that you have gravel on your land or where the snow thrower is going to be used, then it is imperative that you buy a two-stage…

Snow Blower Safety Tips – What Type of Land Can a Snow Blower Be Used On?

When using the snow blower it is important to know the height that the snow blower is going to be used in terms of the distance on the ground. Make sure that the height of the snow blower is adjusted to be able to clear land that is going to be used upon before starting to use the machine. Do not make any adjustments to the height mechanism of the machine while the snow thrower is in use or whilst the engine is running.

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