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Mowing Your Lawn Like a Lawn Guru

The first thing you want to check before you mow your lawn, is the weather. After all, who wants a half mowed lawn during a downpour? You don’t want to be that neighbor.

Basic Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

As the nation continues to enjoy the magnificent summer weather over the next few months, families and friends everywhere are enjoying backyard barbecues and hanging out together in the garden and/or swimming pool. Although the heat is delightful for people, outside grass areas will begin to suffer quickly, and not just due to increased foot traffic. Even when you try to cool off the garden with numerous buckets of water or via the hosepipe, your lawn can become neglected and ultimately suffer. Unfortunately, this does nothing to assist the eco-friendly effort around the world to try and conserve water.

Seeing Grass That Isn’t There

A successful entrepreneur has the knack of seeing something that isn’t there. Sidney D. Torres IV brings his vision to his resort in Eleuthera.

Water and Stone

When some people think of escaping from the summer heat, they have visions of water crashing into the shore as they walk along a sandy beach. If time or circumstance doesn’t provide the opportunity for a getaway, a “stay-cation” may be the best alternative. Even if the beach isn’t just off the patio, there are various options that provide relief from the summer heat-such as swimming pools to the soothing sounds of water fountains.

Landscape Design Ideas For a Truly Relaxing Backyard

For most of us, life is really hectic with families, jobs and homes, taking most of our time. That leaves little time to enjoy outdoors or look for peaceful natural surroundings for relaxation. We generally tend to overlook the possibility of creating such spaces within our homes.

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