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Pruning Crepe Myrtles in the South

Crepe myrtles are one of the most prominent decorative tree species of the South, and for good reason. These beautiful flowering trees tolerate heat, humidity, and drought, and have the ability to thrive in a variety of soils. With proper pruning, you can enjoy your crepe myrtles for years to come.

What Is Dry Stack and How Is It Installed?

Dry stack, mortarless retaining walls have been used for centuries. They are excellent for landscaping on an incline to prevent erosion. Here are the basics on these efficient and naturally beautiful landscaping structures.

Quality Walkways and Patios to Enhance Your Property’s Appeal

Walkways and patios provide a great way to bring an element of sophistication and elegance to your house and its surrounding land. A patio is undoubtedly one of the most used spaces in the yards of most homes, while a walkway defines the outdoor space of a home.

5 Things To Think About When Buying A Vinyl Fence

Do you want to install a fence in your home? Do you have doubts as to whether you should go with vinyl fencing or wood fencing? Are the upfront costs involved in installing a vinyl fence holding you back?

An Easy Guide To Repairing Your Concrete Steps

If you live in an older house, chances are that you have concrete steps somewhere, probably in the garden or perhaps in the basement. It’s also possible that these steps have seen better days.

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