HGV Onion bed Potato rescue start to finish

Don’t Water Your Home!

It may save you a lot of money to pay attention to broken sprinkler head which surround your property. Most homeowners do not pay attention to this area and it ends up costing them a lot of money.

It’s Good Enough for the Olympics

A special type of synthetic turf was used in the London Olympics this year, and it has the sports world buzzing. The Performance Plastics Division of the Dow Chemical Company has designed a special high-performance polyethylene resin, which is designed to stand up to the intense level of playing on the Olympic field, as well as ensure an optimum playing surface. The result is a benefit of faster play, longer durability and easier-to-follow action for spectators. However, none of this would be possible if it weren’t for the long history of gradual improvements in synthetic turf.

Shade Sails: Your Pre-Installation Checklist

Installing your own shade sails? This quick guide outlines some of the biggest problems and points to consider before starting DIY installation.

The Components Of Landscape Design

Landscape design is not going to be something that is easy to do. Finding all of the right elements to make it just right can be a challenge.

Steps To Adding Plants Above The Pond Liner of Your Garden Pond

This article gives an overview of what to consider in the planning and planting of your garden pond to match all the elements of the surrounding garden including the border around the pond. Planting requires as much planning as you need to put into the design, construction and selection of materials such as type of pond liner and size of pond pump. It requires choosing plants that blend with the ponds surroundings.

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