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Essential Things to Consider Before You Build a Fence

Many homeowners these days consider installing a fence around their homes. The reason that fences have become a popular choice for homeowners is that it serves many important purposes.

Essential Landscaping Tips for Homeowners

Landscaping and gardening can be challenging for homeowners and these tips will help provide some basics and essentials to getting started. Understanding what plants and trees to purchase and how to arrange them in your yard is important. Considering factors like climate and weather is important to grow a healthy green garden. These tips will provide great insight for homeowners and landscapers looking to get started in creating a beautiful yard.

Creating an Outdoor Oasis Through Landscape Design

As the northern New Jersey weather turns warmer and area homeowners make their summer plans, many are opting to stay at home to enjoy their time off – a trend that has helped coin the phrase “staycation.” Adding to this local vacation flavor, one recent poll found that two-thirds of homeowners say they would rather have a barbecue or cookout at home than eat at a restaurant.

Salt Tolerant Plantings

Those residing in Coastal Connecticut, as well as other homeowners up and down the Eastern seashore, have been challenged by the impact of salt on their coastal landscapes. Salt impacts plants in the form of salt spray from winds or accumulation of salt in the soils from inundation during periods of flooding or high tides. Many plants will either die or be damaged from salt. Many people have landscapes filled with plantings that are not salt tolerant and fear losing their entire landscape and plantings when storms hit. If you plant native plantings that are salt tolerant, local and adapted to your coastal environment, you can live without fear of loosing them during Hurricanes or violent storms.

A Perfect Summer’s Day In the Garden

When the sun comes out and lights up the world it’s normal to find yourself wanting to get outside and do something. Suddenly staying in and watching TV feels like a ‘waste’, and you’ll feel cooped up unless you’re outside enjoying the weather with everyone else.

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