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The History of Winter Gardens

This article discusses the beginnings of winter gardening techniques going back to the Victorian era. After looking at the beginning of these techniques the article looks at it’s evolution til present day and how winter gardening it implemented now.

5 Common Timber Materials You Can Use For Your Next Decking Project

Because of the durability and classic look of wood, it is still the most popular choice among many homeowners when it comes to decking materials. Here are some of the common materials used for wooden decks.

Tips And Hints On Lawn Care Homeowners Must Know

Having your own residential area can give a sense of fulfillment for the owner. Making a property look good inside and out is important and that includes proper lawn care.

Pond Pumps and Fountain Pumps

Hundreds of fountain pumps and pond pumps are in the marketplace today. They offer the water garden enthusiast a large variety of pumps for all types of fountains and ponds and are designed specifically for that purpose. They also vary greatly in price and energy usage.

Three Ideas to Consider for Your Small Garden

How many times have you fantasized about that beautiful garden across the street and wished that it could be yours? The grass is always greener on the other side but we often forget that the green comes with handwork, care and time. Your home garden can look as exquisite as you want it to appear no matter the garden space available. This articles will give you three ideas that you can implement in your garden to transform it from a dull, unexciting space into an intimate and tranquil environment.

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