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How to Tame a Yard Neglected by Foreclosure

When planning to clean up the yard around a home that has been neglected due to vacancy or foreclosure, it can often feel like you’re taming the wild. The grass is high. The bushes are very thick and have no shape. Some may have broken branches or twines woven throughout. The weeds may be so tall that they have seeded and flowered. While it may seem like a tall chore to return the yard to a well manicured property, it can be done with the proper tools and some patience.

How to Effectively Control Your Weed Problem

All gardeners are faced with one common problem – weeds. Here are a few environmentally friendly ways to control them.

Increasing Your Home’s Value By Selecting The Right Landscape Contractor

Deciding to install a new landscape can be daunting… 5% of your home’s value is, after all, no small investment. And if the images of sitting on a wrought iron bench amongst the butterflies in your new garden, sipping lemonade and admiring the beauty of the new landscape, isn’t enough to calm your nerves, simply remember back to that magical 8-15% number cited in the Wall Street Journal!

Benefits of Gas Ducted Heating

If you have decided that now is the time to install a new heating system in your home, before you go with a traditional heating system you should consider gas ducted heating. This is a great way to heat your home in a much more energy efficient and healthy manner for the whole home. Your first question might be why you would choose gas to heat your home instead of electricity if that is what you are currently doing.

Why Not to DIY: Your Outdoor Lighting System

When it comes to outdoor lighting systems, there are many reasons why you should not DIY. Call a professional landscape lighting company and avoid inviting trouble with an unprofessional DIY job.

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