Grow Tomatoes in Yogurt Pots then move into Buckets

Keeping Your Plants Warm With Mulch

With winter upon us, we begin making preparations to be sure we’re warm throughout the season. These may include testing out the baseboard heaters or replenishing our supply of firewood. However, it’s easy to overlook that plants need attention as winter comes as well.

The Benefits of Having Plant Variety

Plant variety isn’t just about color. It’s about adding depth and interest to your lawn to create a space which is both pleasing to the eye and calming to the senses. Variety can mean that you have year round color in your gardens to enjoy, even during the bleaker days of winter.

Having Lawn Maintenance Know-How Makes A Difference

Lawn maintenance might not be a big deal for most, to some, a well maintained and aesthetically pleasing ecosystem is something of great value. Before you get there, however, there are a few facets to care and maintenance that you need to know about.

Pondless Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

Have you ever thought of having a backyard outdoor garden fountain but weren’t sure where to place the pond or pool? The outdoor garden fountain can be one of the most beautiful features in a garden, landscape or outdoor living area. However, if you are lacking space in any of these areas or you may have a concern for safety, having a fountain with a pond, then you should go with a Liquid Art pondless fountain. The name “pondless fountain” explains it all. It looks great, sounds great and designed to last a lifetime.

Three Simple Ways To Improve Your Home’s Landscaping

If you were to rate how well your yard looks what score would you give it? Can you honestly say that the rating truly fits the state of your yard or are you simply looking at it behind rose colored glasses? Perhaps the greens that are overgrown and spilling onto the sidewalk look rustic to you but have you ever stopped and wondered how other people view it as?

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