Grow Strawberries from bare root plants. He’s not happy!

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas for Your Garden and Property

Many homeowners remain “in the dark” about the basics of landscape lighting, and miss out on the opportunity to enrich their landscape. Illuminating your property with low-voltage landscape lighting is easier than you might have thought, and there are many cost-effective strategies to take as you design and install a custom system for your home. Before moving forward with design ideas, take a moment to review the advantages of an outdoor lighting system.

What Is a Low Maintenance Garden?

No one seems to have the time these days to tend to an urban garden and maintain it. What are the choices we face to have beautiful contemporary gardens that are easy to up keep?

Gardening Services – When You Have to Design Your Own Garden

When we read the news and various magazines, when we go on vacations and even simply walk around the city – we always get exposed to the fact that some takes care of all these gardens. Every garden has got its own characteristics and design. Some are designed for practical uses; others seem to be there for beauty.

Native Plants Help Return Sites To A Natural State

Creating gardens of native plants, called natural landscaping, is a way, not only to create beautiful landscapes, but also ones that are relatively carefree. Read on to learn more about this topic.

The Beauty of Bamboo Fences

When it comes to home improvement, a lot of homeowners now want to go beyond functionalities and costs. They want aesthetic appeal and uniqueness — two important qualities that will make their properties stand out from the rest. While functionality is the most basic element for home enhancement and cost efficiency is a very important consideration, it is no longer impossible to integrate modern design and fashion when planning for a home improvement project.

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