Grow Potatoes The ‘Medusa’ Experiment

Strathwood St. Thomas Fire Pit Review

There’s a lot to love about the Strathwood St. Thomas fire pit. It’s clearly modeled after high-end cast-iron patio furniture, with a curling-vine design, and an air of style and solidity. It looks like it’s worth a lot more than it actually costs. It also feels solid, but because it’s made from cast aluminum, it’s light enough that two people can easily lift and move it.

PVC Fencing As Alternative to Concrete Post and Base

I would like to offer a homage to the benefits of plastic (PVC) fence posts and base panels as opposed to traditional concrete ones as I have been using them lately and am amazed at their limited usage over concrete products at this time. The benefits are: The posts are a tenth the weight of concrete posts, dramatically reducing the time it takes to get the fencing from a to b and meaning the fencing contractor is less tired after moving them and less time equals a cost saving.; They do…

Outdoor Fireplaces – Add Beauty and Warmth To Your Backyard

It goes without saying that fireplaces have been a staple of civilization for centuries. Although fireplaces were at one time strictly used for heating buildings only, as we developed better heating technologies, they have become mostly a novelty. Due to the warm, inviting, and cozy nature of a fireplace strategically located in a house, people will instinctively gather around. In a way, a fireplace is a bit like a television-it can act as the centerpiece of a room if the circumstances are right.

Making Your Landscape Beautiful Again

Making your landscape beautiful again is easy if you follow a few simple guidelines. In this article we will go over a few simple rules that professionals use to make your landscape beautiful.

Liven Up Your Backyard With Wildlife and Water Ponds

Your backyard could become a natural haven for birds and even a small paradise for wildlife. How can you attract these creatures of nature to be part of your backyard? Simple, provide a watering hole for them. Water is just as essential to these creatures as it is to humans.

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