Grow Potatoes in Shopping Bags. How its done.

Great Outdoor Lighting Design to Make Your Holiday Party Memorable

Ask any lighting designer and he will tell you that outdoor lighting design starts with safety in mind. Good news is that you don’t have to be a lighting designer to make sure that your guests are safe at night. You will have a reputation of a great host or hostess if your guests have no problems finding their way in well lit, welcoming outdoor space all around your house. Your older parents or friends will be more comfortable and willing to visit you. So, before you think about candles, beautiful accent lighting and mood lighting, here are some ideas for functional and beautiful step and path lighting for your home.

Greening the Corporate Park

Corporate responsibility means being green and giving a little back to nature. Landscapers can help with some nifty solutions.

All Year Round Herbs

What could be better than a meal made with fresh ingredients flavoured by fresh herbs? A simple pizza can be lifted by the addition of fresh basil and boiled potatoes can be given a taste of spring by adding fresh mint. Despite this, how many of us go to the trouble of growing and using fresh herbs?

Getting Wall Fountains

When you have the feeling that your backyard is missing one thing despite having enough plants and shrubbery already, then perhaps it is time for you to think of purchasing wall fountains. Outdoor fountains are perfect additions to any garden of adequate size.

Characteristics Of Wall Fountains

Modern wall fountains replicate everything from running water to waterfalls and range in dimensions from desktop to large-scale replications. Desktop fountains create small decorative levels for water to stream down, recreating the sound of a burbling creek falling over rocks.

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