Grow Potatoes. Horrific tales of mass sickness and death from eating poisonous green potatoes.

Brown Patches in Zoysia Grass

Two major reasons why you can get brown patches in zoysia grass. Learn how to prevent zoysia grass browning.

The Landscape Design Process: A Step By Step Guide for Homeowners

Landscaping increases the value of your home and provides you with years of enjoyment. Whether you plan to install yourself or have your landscaping installed by professionals, a plan is vital to ensure successful results. If you choose a professional landscape designer, there are several steps you can take to prepare for your initial meeting. These steps will help you organize your thoughts for any landscape project from new home construction to a re-design of an existing landscape.

Decorating for the Winter Holidays

Decorating your yard for the holidays can mean beautiful lit trees, but if you decorate damaged trees, you could be spending the day in the emergency room. Before climbing your trees, have a professional tree service inspect our yard for any potential hazards.

What’s Up With Outdoor Living Space?

So you have this great space right off your sunroom. You already love being as close to outside as possible; the sunroom is the best room in the house, in your opinion. “Let’s continue our outdoor living by making the patio area our ‘official’ outdoor living space.” You can tell, he’s thrilled to death… another project.

Fall Landscaping Ideas

Fall can seem like a miserable season for gardeners – shorter days, longer nights and colder weather, not to mention the imminent winter – but with the right knowledge it’s also the perfect time to transform your garden into a colorful and vibrant space. There are a number of plants that only flower during the fall months, and the leaves of trees and shrubs can bring added color to your garden. Here are some fall landscaping ideas for adding fall excitement to any garden.

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