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Outdoor Uses for Granite

We all know that granite is a great stone to have inside our homes, but did you know that it’s a classy addition to your outdoor space as well? Learn more about how you can use granite outside.

Symbolic Uses of the Garden Gazing Ball

The shape of the ball is inherent in our culture from sports, conversation, and decorating. The meanings attached to decorative garden gazing balls have changed over the centuries from superstitions to merely a symbol of status and wealth. Today they are used as focal points in gardens and creating moods or emotional attachments.

The Choice of Landscape Contractors – Making the Choice That Is Right for You

Landscape contractors can perform any number of jobs in your front or back yards. But first you have to find the professionals who can do the best work possible. Here we look at that.

Signs of the Wind: Weathervanes

A weathervane is a device indicating the direction of the wind. Although it operates and is totally functional, it generally serves as an ornament on top of any building. One type of material that weathervanes are made of is copper.

Options To Consider When Selecting a Metal Fire Pit

Are you considering purchasing a metal fire pit? Here are some tips to help you make your decision a bit easier. Eventually over time everything made out of metal will rust. We have some tips to help extend the life of your metal fire pit.

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