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The 411 on Eco-Friendly Lawncare Products

Just as there are alternative ways to cleaning the inside of your house with organic cleaners, there have been also simple steps created for eco-friendly lawn care. And just like any other implementation of an alternative lifestyle, the process of switching from chemical-made lawn care products to natural lawn care products create a much more cost-efficient solution to beautifying your gardens. Not to mention, this alternative method is environmentally friendly, too.

Natural Plant Foods – Slowly But Surely

The use of inorganic fertilizers have now monopolized crop growth and caused our produce, vegetables, fruits, and crops, to have a depleted or an incomplete set of vitamins and nutrients available in them for our intake. In simpler terms, the produce aka vegetables, fruits, and the like, due to the fact that it was grown hastingly, now fail to provide us with the vitamins and nutrients we need from them. Oranges now give us only about 50% of vitamin C and carrots can only give 80% of our daily dose of vitamin A. Of course these aren’t accurate, it’s just a rough example to get the point across.

How to Install a Split Rail Fence

Want an easy one-day DIY project that will add curb appeal to your home? Installing a split rail fence will take a few hours but will give your home years and years of outdoor visual appeal. See how easy it is to do!

Sealing a Concrete Pond

There are few things in life as relaxing as the tinkling sound of circulating water in a fish or frog pond in the garden. Even more satisfying is building your own pond, perfectly shaped to your landscape – and of course to get the most fulfillment out of your efforts, it must be properly sealed.

Working Hand in Glove

Occupational health and safety laws have helped to bring work gloves into the lives of more and more people. Of course that means that the variety available is also greater than it was in years gone by. So there is no excuse not to wear the right pair when you are working with your hands.

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