Grow Celery in a Yogurt Pot on a Windowsill

Second Home Landscaping Tips

You’re shopping for a second home and will use it part of the year or perhaps move into it full time when you retire. Since you will not be there full time, how much effort should you put into the second home landscaping?

How to Choose the Right Stone for Your Garden

Choosing the right stone is an important decision in the landscaping design process because the work is an investment, one which you don’t want to repeat too many times in the future! In fact, it needn’t be more than a once per property decision as age and weathering transforms your unnaturally clean and smooth patio into a natural looking outside retreat.

What A New Landscape Maintenance Business Needs To Succeed

A landscape maintenance business handles a variety of different tasks on properties ranging from gardening and lawn care to snow removal and debris pickup. The specific set of skills that a business offers to clients helps to establish what type of properties will be maintained. Industrious companies with many varied employees might work for a city maintaining a large park. Smaller businesses typically work for individual homeowners with small to moderately sized properties. Anyone who is considering starting a landscape maintenance business needs to acquire the skills and gear necessary in order to operate professionally.

Staying Safe While Performing Tornado Clean-Up

Tornado clean-up is a stressful time for workers and homeowners who must deal with the aftermath of destroyed property and lost possessions. A clean-up effort needs to occur so that important items can be salvaged, allowing reconstruction to begin. Professionals are sometimes called in to assist with the effort. There are also instances where a single family or a few friends gather together to start working through the debris piles. There are some simple guidelines that anyone performing a tornado clean-up should follow in order to remain safe.

The Wigwam Tent of the Native American Indians

Few portable structures are as iconic as the wigwam or wickiup tents used by certain Native American tribes. These domed room tents have gripped the imagination of people around the world and in many ways have become a symbol of the American Indian culture. The Difference Between a Wigwam and the Wickiup – The difference between these two tents names lies primarily in where you will find them.

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