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Dethatching Your Lawn

If your lawn has been looking rather drab and looks like it might be dying don’t freak out its probably just needs Dethatching! Here are some tips as to how you may want to go about it.

Home Improvement: Improve Your Lawn With an Irrigation System

In the summer months, more people are outside enjoying the warm temperatures and beautiful weather. Families are having cookouts in the backyard, and neighbors are going on walks through the neighborhood. In times like these, having a healthy lawn can not only make these outdoor outings more enjoyable for you and your family, it can also increase your home’s curb appeal.

How to Keep Stone Outdoor Water Features Looking Their Best

Stone outdoor water features create a centerpiece to the rest of your landscaping. Not only are they beautiful, they are timeless. There are outdoor decor items that will never go out of style.

Turn A Store-Bought Water Fountain Into A Unique Design

While caring for a water fountain is relatively easy, building one can be a bit more difficult. Using the wrong sized pump or unsuitable material can be a costly mistake. Often, it is easier, less time consuming and more cost efficient in the long run to purchase a water fountain and then use your own resources to design the surroundings. After all, a water fountain on its own will do little for your outdoor or indoor decor if you don’t accessorize and make the fountain unique.

Outdoor Water Features and the Environment

These days, more and more people are concerned with the environment. Outdoor water features can be a great way to help with conservation and explore alternative sources of water for your garden.

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