Forty Six Onions from Fifty Sets grown in an area just Two Foot by Four Foot. That’s a Result!

Time to Start Shopping for Outdoor Water Features

The time change has taken place, and spring is officially right around the corner! This means that if you are like most others, you have spring fever! You are already planning your garden, deciding what flowers to plant and thinking about buying some new patio furniture.

Floor Water Fountains for Your Outdoor Living Space

It does not matter if you have a small patio, a massive deck or even an apartment balcony, floor water fountains can find their place in any outdoor living space. They are great because they can be placed anywhere, and no mounting is required, nor do you need to have a table to rest one on. An outdoor water feature that sits on the ground can fill an awkward corner of your deck, create a dynamic focal point poolside or transform a boring little balcony into a space you can actually use.

5 Common Myths About Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is among the most important aspects of tree care and maintenance. It affects the longevity, health and the tree’s ability to resist storm damage. Unfortunately, this particular tree care procedure is often neglected and misunderstood because of the myths that cloud its true value.

LED Tape for Garden Landscaping

Day in and day out, many individuals are realizing the advantages of LED light fittings. For starters they are considerably efficient to use and are capable of lasting very long hours. They are good for the environment in comparison to more traditional forms of lighting like fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

Post Caps: A Bonus Feature to Smarten Up Your Outdoor Environment

Homeowners spend time and effort to choose the right property to build a home and decorate it to perfection. Admittedly, the duty comes with much responsibility, but excellent results stem from such labor.

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