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Husqvarna ST121E Single Stage 21-Inch 208cc Snow Blower

There are many snow blowers that are best-suited for homeowners who are looking to tackle smaller jobs without worrying about the snow blower breaking down on them because it is such a cheap model. Husqvarna breaks away from this preconceived notion by combining low cost manufacturing techniques with solid materials for one of the lowest price, yet highly durable models on the marketplace for the snow blower class. This snow blower comes equipped with such accoutrements as a 180 degree rotating chute.

Choosing Between SOD and SEED

For those who are choosing between creating your new yards with sod or seed, there are a few circumstances to think about. Usually, it is quite a bit cheaper to plant seeds.

Landscaping Services for Your Lawn and Driveway

When it comes to landscaping service for your lawn and driveway you will quickly find that there are a near infinite number of possibilities. Narrowing it down can be tough, so I’m going to focus specifically on river rock landscaping and how it applies to driveway landscaping, walkways, water systems and walls.

The Process of Autumn Leaf Changes

As the signs of autumn spring up all around us, soon the leaves on the trees will be changing colors for fall. Have you ever thought about how this process happens?

Fall Tree Maintenance and Lawn Care

Autumn is a very important time of the year when it comes to tree maintenance and lawn care. Here are a few tips to keeping your yard healthy and beautiful over the winter, and ready to “spring” to life again when the weather warms up.

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