Burger Recipe for Hamburgers on the Grill

Telling a Tree’s Age by Its Rings

The easiest way to tell a tree’s age is to count its rings. The rings of a tree can communicate not only the age of the tree, but information on its growth patterns and any climate changes it faced.

Landscaping For Property Refurbishment

When most people think about property refurbishment, they think about the outside and inside of the actual house. However, a well landscaped yard can offer a huge amount of curb appeal and increase the value of a given property. There are many reasons that the landscaping of a home can increase its value.

Options On Selecting The Material For Your Fire Pit

Selecting the kind of material that a fire pit is constructed will determine how long it will be around for use. Before you purchase one, know which kind of metal will be best suited for your situation.

Buying Garden Storage Sheds – 4 Smart And Practical Tips

What garden storage shed is most suitable for your yard? Consider these tips. Is it for storing seldom- used gardening tools or furniture or do you need a serious work space? A modern garden shed might find its home in your elegant garden, too.

Origins of Japanese Landscape Design

Japanese landscape design creates an atmosphere of serenity and calm, and for good reason: The Buddhist temples created Japanese garden designs with meditation purposes in mind. However, they weren’t the first to use Asian design elements to create intricate garden designs.

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