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Landscape Designs To Beautify Small Yards

A large yard space leaves more room for design but only a few homeowners are lucky enough to have one. On the other hand, a small yard means there are less expenses to consider and maintenance is much lower than for an expansive garden.

Outdoor Summer Maintenance Projects – And Then You Relax!

Ah Summer! A time to relax in the shade of that big ole tree in your favorite hammock. But before you pull out your favorite book and pour yourself a cold beverage, you may want to consider something: spending a few minutes a day over the next two weeks doing some simple maintenance may save you time, a headache and some last minute expenses! Here are some suggestions for chores that can be done in an hour or less – or in short increments – that will make your life easier in the fall and winter.

5 Essential Lawn Care Tasks For The Summer Season

As the spring growing season ends, summer brings a lot of stress to the lawn grasses. Besides the fact that heat and drought are quite damaging, we are not as forgiving in summer season as we happen to be in the winter. In such hot climate, watering, mowing correctly, fertilizing, weed control as well as maintenance are critical factors to make the lawn area a real asset to the landscape.

How to Keep Weeds From Flowerbeds Without Constantly Weeding

OK so everybody has problems with weeds, even in the smallest of gardens. People who keep flowerbeds are forever pulling them out, getting on their hands and knees and frankly wasting a lot of time. The problem that faces gardeners is that using spray weed killer will also kill all of your lovely plants. For all the frustrated gardeners, there is a solution!

Landscape Drainage Requires Professional Attention

The most important problem that a property can encounter is a leakage or blockage in the drainage system. This does not represent only a serious inconvenient, but it is also a problem that can affect the health of the inhabitants. So, the safety regulations require it to be properly taken care of.

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