Sounds of Music of the Spheres


With Music of the Spheres Chimes you select your choice of one of the 5 choir voices: Suprano-MezzoSoprano-Alto-Tenor-Bass as well as the Westminster Chime, Contrabass and Basso Profundo.  These voices can be arranged in ensembles by choosing a selection of scales.  These scales or tunings in different pitch ranges can be categorized as "Familiar" or "Exotic" sounds.

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Pentaonic Hawaiian
Quartal Japanese
Chinese Balinese
Mongolian Whole Tone
Westminster Aquarian

As you choose the scale that sings most sweely to you, you will find that the distinctions betwen the categories easier to make than the distinctions between the wind chimes within the category.  The major scales in the familiar category are similar one to the other, while the exotic scales are only somewhat similar to the other.  We suggest you first determine the category that pleases you and focus on that category.  Listen for a tuning that seems to make the lines in your forehead relax more quickly or one that brings a sense of ease or calm.  Let your mind relax and enjoy the process.  This is not an intellectual excercise.  Nor is one that has a wrong answer.

Hawaiian Soprano
Hawaiian MezzoSoprano
Hawaiian Alto
Hawaiian Tenor
Hawaiian Bass
Pentatonic Soprano
Pentatonic MezzoSoprano
Pentatonic Tenor
Pentatonic Bass

Chinese Soprano
Chinese MezzoSoprano
Chinese Alto
Chinese Tenor
Chinese Bass
Balinese Soprano
Balinese MezzoSoprano
Balinese Alto
Balinese Tenor
Balinese Bass
Japanese Soprano
Japanese MezzoSoprano
Japanese Alto
Japanese Tenor
Japanese Bass

Whole Tone Soprano
Whole Tone MezzoSoprano
Whole Tone Alto
Whole Tone Tenor
Whole Tone Bass
Gypsy Soprano
Gypsy MezzoSoprano
Gypsy Alto
Gypsy Tenor
Gypsy Bass
Quartal Soprano
Quartal MezzoSoprano
Quartal Alto
Quartal Tenor
Quartal Bass
Quartal Contrabass
Basso Profundo