Garden the Natural Way
Green and Organic Gardening is the future of gardening and lawn care. Organic Gardeners use the Earth's resources to care and feed their plants. One of the most common resource usage is the recycling of yard and kitchen waste through composting. Visit our Worm Composting category for a complete line of vermicomposting. Our additional green gardening tools include barrel composters and rain water harvesting. COIR is growing in popularity. COIR is used as a soil additive to loosen your soil. It is inexpensive and effective. If you have limited space for growing, try our URBIN self-watering grow container. This compact grower is based on the idea of square foot gardening. Use one, two or three of these unique growing containers on your patio or yard to grow fresh vegetables for your kitchen. Barrel composting is a solution for those living with limited yard or growing space. Just dump your kitchen waste, leaves, grass clippings, shredded newspapers, or other compostable material into the barrel, keep moist, turn and in just a few weeks you have great usable compost. Barrel composters are clean and simple.
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