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Bats love mosquitoes! These ferocious eaters will help keep your yard and garden free of mosquitoes without harmful chemicals. Bats also need a place to sleep and protect their young during the day. These attractive bat houses can be mounted high on the side of your house to attract these helpful garden guardians. The design of a good bat house accommodates several families. Some interesting facts about bats: 1. Bats are territorial. You generally cannot move a bat safely from one location to another. Once you hang your bat house, you wait. They will come. They live in groups of families called colonies. 2. Movies about vampires as most people know are just that, movies. Bats are safe little nocturnal animals. You will hardly know they are around. 3. Bats are mammals. They are the only mammals that can fly. Their young are born not hatched from eggs like birds. The young are nursed on milk in the bat houses until they are old enough to fly and feed. 4. Run away from exterminators who target bats. When bats become pests (and they can), find a bat rescue for help. 5. Insect eating bats can consume up to 300 flying insects per hour. 6. In colder climates, bats will either hibernate or migrate. They will return to their home every year. Hang a bat house or even two and enjoy your natural insect control system.
Vintage Style Bat HouseVintage Style Bat House
Victorian BathouseVictorian Bathouse
Bat HavenBat Haven
Bat LodgeBat Lodge
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