Backyard Birding
Enjoy the sounds and beauty of backyard birding. Enhance your bird enjoyment with our variety of bird houses, hummingbird feeders, bird baths and feeders. We have many choices of birdhouses from the Made in the USA architecturally designed houses to the whimsical styles. Hummingbird feeders come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors, including hand painted feeders from Lone Wolf. All birds need and love water for drinking and bathing, especially during the hot days of summer. Select one or more of our bird baths to help our feathered friends. Most of all, attract birds to your yard to control pests.
Vintage Style Bat HouseVintage Style Bat House
Mini Bird Bath Pink PeonyMini Bird Bath Pink Peony
Mini-Bird Bath - DragonflyMini-Bird Bath - Dragonfly
Mini Bird Bath - Pink LilyMini Bird Bath - Pink Lily
Mini Bird Bath Yellow LilyMini Bird Bath Yellow Lily
Crystal Dreams Hummingbird Feeder - Red GlassCrystal Dreams Hummingbird Feeder - Red Glass
Hbird Feeder Spotted BlueHbird Feeder Spotted Blue
Hbird Feeder Spotted MultiHbird Feeder Spotted Multi
Hummingbird Feeders Yellow/Red SpotsHummingbird Feeders Yellow/Red Spots
Hummingbird Feeders Blue/WhiteHummingbird Feeders Blue/White
Hummingbird Feeder Red/YellowHummingbird Feeder Red/Yellow
Blue Sky CafeBlue Sky Cafe
Peanut SiloPeanut Silo
Small Peanut Silo - SpruceSmall Peanut Silo - Spruce
Medium Peanut Silo - SpruceMedium Peanut Silo - Spruce
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